Seth's Wyoming Surprise

Seth Anderson Giant Wyoming Muley Buck


September 2015 found Seth Andersen and his hunting partner, Tyler, heading east from their home state of Washington to hunt mule deer in Wyoming. Having bow-hunted the area the year prior for elk, they had a good idea of where they would start. After being swarmed with people in their originally planned spot, they opted for Plan B. They loaded the packs and headed up the mountain. By late afternoon, they found a couple of deer beds to dig our tents into on the steep side hill. They no more got the tents up when the rain, wind, snow and sleet began. They climbed into their tents and hunkered in for the worst weather night of their lives. They dealt with torrential rain, howling wind and dense fog through the night and most of the next day. At 3:00 pm opening day, with visibility at maybe 100 yds, they split up on opposite sides of the ridge. They began hunting through the sparse timber. No more than 10 minutes after leaving the tent, Seth caught a deer standing up from its bed at 30 yards. He will never forget the sight of that buck as he wheeled and turned. A giant with extras! Fast forward 2 hours of tracking, he was able to catch back up with the buck. He had joined up with another bachelor group which contained a very respectable upper 20 inch 4 point. He made the 300+ yard shot, and in doing so, the nice 4 point in the group ran right into Tyler. After three hours of hunting on a planned 2-week trip, they were tagged out. Seth feels blessed to have harvested this amazing animal and to have shared this memory with his good friend.