Snowstorm Buck

Zach Clyde's Big Mule Deer in Snow

The forecast called for a good snowstorm on Friday and Zach Clyde knew it was now or never. Being out and about when a snowstorm clears up is money. He grabbed the two best horses out of the bunch and left for a solo mission on the last weekend of the hunt. Having passed a few good bucks over the last few weeks, he was determined in finding a good one or go home empty handed. It had snowed all night and it was bitter cold. He got up Saturday morning to more snow and fog, so he decided to leave the horses at camp and do some still-hunting. He had his long-range bench gun, which is not ideal for this type of hunting, but he made the best of it. He cranked down his scope to six power and took the scope cover off for a quick shot if needed and jacked a round in. As he started working this long meadow, deer started to appear against the fresh snow. As he made his way to the end of the meadow next to the timber, this guy exploded out of his bed and was heading for the timber fast! At 15 yards, he knew he had time for one quick shot. He had to make this count. In a flurry of fur, cheaters, and flying snow, he made his one shot count and the bullet found its mark. One more follow up shot after he was on the ground finished him. Although Zach loves his horses for getting him into the back country and packing meat, he prefers hunting on foot. This old warrior had positioned himself right next to the timber, listening and watching for intruders. If Zach would have been riding on a horse, he would most likely never have seen him, just tracks and a warm bed.